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This week in the Cafe

Kickstart your morning with our special guests


Shannon Martinez


Shannon Martinez is an unlikely candidate to be the poster girl for plant-based dining being a meat-eater, but that is what gives this mega-talented chef the ability to achieve her mission to change the way the world perceives plant-based dining and in doing so, change the way people eat.  Shannon has been cooking in kitchens for the past 22 years in Melbourne and is the Owner of Australia's two most prolific plant-based businesses, Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli.  There is a rule that guides Shannon’s life: she does all she can to learn from her personal struggles and turn them into positives to help other people. So, when Shannon was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in July, and she realised that something was missing out there for patients experiencing cancer and going through treatment, she got busy creating a cookbook (​Cooking with Chemo. For You & Your Squad​) and an empowering comic for teenagers and early adults (​The Adventures of Chuck and her Bubble of Trouble​).



Come meet one of Australia’s most prolific voices for plant-based eating & dining and hear about her current battle with a rare form of cancer.  While Shannon doesn’t want to turn this discussion into a public health message, she thinks that people need to get their heads around the fact that cancer isn’t just for the old and isn’t always easily detected. ​


Sherilyn Shackell

Sherilyn Shackell is the Founder and Global CEO of The Marketing Academy - a unique non-profit organisation which inspires and develops talent at every level in Marketing, Media and Communications.  It launched in the UK in 2010, Australia in 2014 and USA in 2018 and Sherilyn runs the companies from her home in Berkshire, England.

The Marketing Academy is a voluntary organisation that develops leadership capability in talented marketers through mentoring coaching and experiential learning. All of The Marketing Academy programs are provided free of charge.  Sherilyn is also a lifetime trustee of The Marketing Academy Foundation, a stand-alone charity providing marketing apprenticeships for young people from challenging backgrounds. She is also a Board Advisor to Grace Blue (CMO Practice) and WeAreFearless and she is also a business coach and writer.  Sherilyn gives the term ‘Wonder Woman’ it’s true meaning!



Listen to one of the industries most trusted experts on Leadership and Marketing.  What makes a good leader? What makes a good marketer? find out more in this morning Cuppa conversation!


Delia McCabe

Delia McCabe shifted her research focus from clinical psychology to nutritional neuroscience upon discovering nutrition’s critical role in mental wellbeing. Her research has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals and she is a regularly featured expert in the media. Delia has written two internationally available books, which have been translated into three languages. Using her psychology background, in combination with her neurological and nutritional knowledge, Delia provides a unique perspective on improving cognitive function, including focus, concentration and learning capacity, shifting mood, enhancing our ability to manage stress and creating new habits with ease. She will help you answer the question, “Is your brain starving?” and give you tips on how to help.



Meet Delia McCabe, the author of ‘Feed Your Brain, the Cookbook’ who will be speaking about how you can enhance your mental well-being through targeted brain nutrition, using the latest evidence from the field of nutritional neuroscience. ...oh and how delicious, even decadent meals and snacks (like her beautiful turmeric latte) can support your optimal brain health! ​


Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison was a C level executive on global duties with multinational ad agencies and 30 years experience before recognising he could no longer hide his conditions of depression and bipolar 2. He now advises companies on how to take the shape objects of mental harm out of the workplace and discusses the hidden causes of anxiety in society.  Author of M.A.M.I.R (Middle-Aged Man In Rehab), Survival of the Mentally Unfittest and The Anxiety Society, Mike has a unique perspective and empathy for both executives and people in all sorts of roles silently dealing with the pressures of achieving good mental wellbeing.  Society is more anxious than ever but we can understand it to become calmer. Mike explores this idea right in the middle of the Covid 19 global pandemic and provides his thoughts on the other factors that contribute to society’s anxiousness and how you can live strongly through what seems to be endless chaos and bad news. 



Meet Mike Morrison, the author of the book, ‘The Anxiety Society: We are more anxious - let’s understand it and get calm’ who will answer the question, do we have more to cope with or are we less able to cope?​ 


Tracy Bevan

Tracy Bevan helped set up the McGrath Foundation in 2005 following her best friend Jane McGrath's diagnosis and experience with breast cancer. Tracy remains one of the driving forces behind the McGrath Foundation as a Director and member of the staff and is dedicated to engaging and connecting with the community to increase breast awareness in Australians, whilst raising much-needed funds to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia. Tracy was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2012 and again in 2017. She has been an Australia Day Ambassador since 2014. In her current role Tracy acts as an Ambassador and has been a Director on the McGrath Foundation Board since 2008. Tracy works closely with members of the community and often speaks at events to raise awareness about the vital role McGrath Breast Care Nurses play whilst encouraging everyone to be breast aware. The McGrath Foundation team is dedicated to its mission of ensuring that a McGrath Breast Care Nurse is available to anyone experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support.



We are honouring Breast Cancer Awareness Week by having Tracy Bevan join us to talk about the amazing work the McGrath Foundation is doing, how important a McGrath Breast Care Nurse is for a patient’s recovery, as well as her own personal mental health story….​


Luke 'Cookie' Cook

With a long career in advertising and media, Cookie founded FUNLOCKA after noting he felt something missing in the happiness culture of business.

With the world in pandemic lockdown, an opportunity to continue providing happiness and inspiration to the community presented, and the door to the Cuppa of Life cafe opened.

Once known as 'Lightning Luke', you'll find Cookie in his prime as he hosts and interviews your daily cafe sessions.


Jill Covitz

Jill has been a full time event producer since she moved to Australia from New York way back in 2003.  She was running her event management company, TCM Events, when she met Luke and happily moved into the role of Chief Events Officer at FUNLOCKA to help create FUN experiences for businesses and their employees.  As Luke always says, 'our network is our net worth' and Jill's incredible connections are what help locate and book the talent for your daily cafe sessions.  She loves connecting people and has always 'got a guy' if you need to find someone in a certain area of business, so Producing the Cuppa of Life Cafe is a natural place for her to be!


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